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 [Guide]How to speed up your PC.. (for windows XP OS only..)

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PostSubject: [Guide]How to speed up your PC.. (for windows XP OS only..)   Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:35 am

Below I have mentioned a few tweaks that will give
your system a boost in performance. Please note that these tweaks are
for Windows XP.

(NOTE: kopy kats lng to, but it will help a

* Format your hard drive using NTFS file system which is
faster and more stable
* Defragment your disk drives twice a
month for faster data access.Click Start > All Programs >
Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter to launch the

# Select a drive and click ‘Defragment’. This
will start the defragmentation process.
# Disable Fast User
Switching by going to Start > Run, and typing ‘control userpasswords’
and pressing [Enter].

# In the User Accounts window, click on
‘Change the way users log on or off ‘ ; make sure the ‘Use the Welcome
screen’ option is ticked, and uncheck ‘Use Fast User Switching’. Click
on Apply Options and close the window.
# Turn-off all the effects

of the things Windows XP is famous for is the look. Unfortunately, the
crisp menus, the fade-in and fade-out effects and the breathtaking
wallpapers drain your system’s memory.

# The easiest way to turn these effects off is by
pressing [Windows] + [Pause/Break] to launch the Systems Properties
dialog box. Here, click on Advanced. You will see three ‘Settings’
buttons. Click the one related to ‘Performance’.The dialog box called
Performance Options pops up. Under Visual Effects, select ‘Adjust for
best performance’ and click Apply.

# Update Windows

recommend that you use Windows XP Service Pack 2, and update your
computer using Windows Update to resolve known security and stability
problems. This will give you a stable operating system that has been
built to handle your system resources best. Also, make sure all your
device drivers are up-to-date.
# Optimize Virtual memory

virtual memory is the amount of space on your hard disk allotted to
Windows XP, which it uses as though it were RAM.Press [Windows] + [Pause
Break], to get to the system propertiesdialog box. Go to Advanced,
under Performance click on Settings, go to Advanced tab.

make sure ‘programs’ is selected for both Processor scheduling and
Memory usage. Now under Virtual memory, click on change.

the drive where the page file is currently present, select ‘No Paging
File’ and click on ‘Set’.

Note: If you have two physically separate hard
drives, set the virtual memory on the drive that doesn’t hold XP. If you
have only one hard drive, set it to another partition that does not
hold XP. This increases performance.Now select the drive where you wish
to place your page file, and select ‘Custom size’. Enter a number that
is twice the size of your installed RAM in the initial as well as
maximum size dialog boxes and click on ‘Set’. Now click OK thrice and
restart the computer for the settings to take effect.

# Remove unwanted programs from startup

to Start > Run, type ‘msconfig’ and press [Enter]. Click on the
Startup tab and uncheck any programs you dont want Windows to load at
startup. Please be careful what you remove from here.If you don’t know
what a particular program is do a Google search (you can use the Google
search at the bottom of this page) on the name of the process and then
decide whether to keep it or not.
# Turn-off System Restore

Restore uses gigabytes and reduces system performance. If you dont
install and uninstall programs often, you can turn this feature
off.Press [Windows] + [Pause Break], to open system properties. Click on
System Restore, and select ‘Turnoff System Restore on all drives’ and
click ‘Apply’.

Note: All previously created restore points
will be deleted.
# Disable sounds, wallpapers and screensavers

sounds and wallpapers consume system memory a lot.

Go to
Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices,
and click on Sounds. Disable all sounds you don’t want. To speed up
booting of Windows disable the Windows Startup and Shutdown sounds.

right-click on the desktop, select ‘Properties’, under theme select
‘Windows Classic’. Disable the wallpaper and set a color of your choice.
Disable your screen saver too.
# Disable compression and indexing

on an NTFS drive and select properties. At the bottom of the dialog
that pops up you will see two check boxes called ‘Compress drive to save
disk space’ and ‘Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast
file searching’. Uncheck both check boxes and click ‘Apply’.
# Remove
unwanted fonts and programs

Extra fonts slow down your
system and increases boot up time. Remove unwanted fonts and also
uninstall all programs you dont want through ‘Add or remove programs’ in
Control Panel.
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[Guide]How to speed up your PC.. (for windows XP OS only..)
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