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PostSubject: CLUB WARS RULES   Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:31 am

Newly Revised Rules for Club Wars
1. You must have more than 5 Members in your guild.
2. Guild Members with the same person in different account is not allowed.
3. Members of the Guild must be in different person or owner.
4. If you have many characters, you are not allowed to make another guild
once you have made guild already in your other character.
5. If you have many characters and you want them to have guild, then join to other guild.
6. You cannot join CW if you are less than 5 members online in your guild.
7. If in case of using pet during CW will be BANNED.
8. GL's are not allowed to conquer another e-room if he/she has already won in same person.
9. Same character owner conquering 2 or 3 e-rooms are not allowed.
9. Winning Guild must be in the MAP where particularly Conquer the War.
10. Guild leader and verifier are only allowed to claim the reward.
11. Same guild name is not allowed especially if not extension guild,

Club Wars Event Schedule is during Wednesday and Saturday and Sunday at 7pm to 8pm.
Guild or Gang who won the CW will receive Salary Gold and must be distribute
to your guild members as there salary or sahod.
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