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PostSubject: HOW TO COMPUTE YOUR RB   Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:48 am

Here's how to compute your RB.
Max Level x Stat Points Per Level - three stats (We didn't count the lvl 1 stat) = Total stat points in 1 RB
Total stat points in 1 RB x Max Reborn = Overall total stat points.

300 x 3 - 3 (We didn't count the lvl 1 stat) = 897
897 x 100 = Total stat points in max RB.
89700 is the total max RB stat

Here's how to Determine Your RB through Stat Base.
All Stats / 897 = Current RB (Decimal point is exemption since you don't have accurate level)

Example: You have 69 level and 10RB character
[Current Stat] [Divided By] [Max Stat Per RB] = Current RB
/ 747 = 10.277108........ (since it have decimal point try to remove it
so that the decimal point is the exemption and your current RB is 10)

To simplify:
Add all stats with this bracket (+ ) and divided it to 747
The result will be your reborn
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